National Geographic 76/350 AZ Compact Telescope

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National Geographic 76/350 AZ Compact Telescope


NG 76-350 Compact Telescope Practical

Practical Design

National Geographic 76/350 Compact Telescope is suitable for both observers who are at the beginners stage and also for advanced level astronomy fans. This quite practical telescope has a practical structure with its 6-20 mm lenses and ideal zooming amount. Its biggest advantages are its assembly doesn't take up anytime, it's very light and carrying it is easy. You can easily put it on a table, chair or any smooth surface and start your observation. There is not need for any mix up or long efforts for assembly.

NG 76-350 Telescope
NG 76-350 Compact Telescope Celestial Bodies

NG 76/350 Compact Telescope offers wonderful optic quality. You can easily see the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Andromeda Galaxy, Orion Nebula and other celestial bodies easily. All accessories you need are included in the package and a booklet presenting the sky celestial map and a star home program you can use by uploading to your computer are also included.

Satellite observation

If you are aiming to see star clusters and galaxies, you can use 6 and 20 mm lenses and do your observation easily. Thanks to this product which you can also do deep space observation, you can also enjoy tracing the movements of satellites moving on the axis of planets. These satellites will look like shiny stars to your eyes with NG 76x350 Compact Telescope.

NG 76-350 Telescope Satellite Observations
NG 76-350 Compact Telescope Compass
NG 76-350 Compact Telescope


Mirror Diameter
Zoom Length
18x - 117x
6 / 20mm
Barlow Lens
Internal Compass
Moon Filter


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