Heider Pro-Scope M1 50/360 Refractor Telescope

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Heider Pro-Scope M1 50/360 Refractor Telescope


Open The Doors of a New World

Enlarge your World with Heider Pro-Scope M1. With its 50mm diameter width, Pro-Scope M1 will exceed all your expectations both in earth and sky observations. Pro-Scope M1 is perfectly handy for beginners and kids, with its 18x and 60x magnification power, you will be able to make detailed Moon and sky observations.


Master The Art of Observation

Heider Pro-Scope M1 provides you all the details you wish to see with its 6mm and 20mm eyepieces. Its small size lets you carry it anywhere you go and make your land & sky observations anytime you want.



Aperture    : 50mm
Focal Lenght    : 360mm
Hybrid Diagonal    : 90°
Most Height    : 38cm
Eyepieces    : 6mm, 20mm, 1.5x Erector


Package Content

50/360 Refractor Telescope
Diagonal Mirror
Table Tripod
Eyepieces 6mm, 20mm 1.5x Erector


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