Metem Technology is the proud maker of innovative products for everyday use. We are dedicated to create shortcuts for life through cutting edge technology, our expertise in analysing our customers’ needs and delivering the right solutions for them. Under our Heider brand, our product range is well situated on a wide spectrum of smart companions including flashlights, license free two way radios, portable power bank and data/cloud solutions, night driving glasses and many more. We pledge to a Life Engineered inspired by these smart products to get things done effectively and efficiently in every step of the day.

We are based in Amsterdam, Holland conveniently servicing the entire EU zone and the rest of the world. Our user-friendly products are tastefully designed in Germany. We make sure our production facilities comply with both international and local Labor laws and regulations. As a result of our dedication to the environment and commitment to sustainability, we tend to use recycled material for various parts of our products and in their packaging where and when available.

We believe, as we reduce our carbon foot print on the planet, we will rise as a company driving value and making a positive impact on our world. At Metem, we are committed to a set of core values that not only define who we are, but also help us become the global company we would like to be. While creating short cuts for life, we always take the high road by practicing the highest ethical standards, and by honoring our commitments. We strive for continuous quality improvement and are heavily invested on the skills of our diverse workforce.

We treasure our empowered employees who achieved our success story to be told on an international level by taking on the toughest challenges. So far, we have successfully made our products available for the households and reputable companies of 119 countries through our reliable service network. Our passion for innovation created trend setting products, which rapidly became global hits on several different online sales platforms. We are delighted to be the leader in the way we design, make and support our products, and eventually share our proven solutions. Some of our trade references include Unilever Group, Kodak, Bosch, Heidelberg, Siemens, ABB, Tupras, Philips and several more.

Our products come with an unbeatable two year warranty for ultimate peace of mind for our quality conscious customers. We invite you to shop for our outstanding products to experience a Life Engineered.