Bresser Refractor Telescope 70/900 EL

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Bresser Refractor Telescope 70/900 EL


Bresser 70-900 El Discovery

Discover the beauties of the Universe

If you are a person who wants everything next to yourself while you go exploring the beauties of the universe, Bresser Refractor Telescope is perfect for you. This powerful product reaches you as a complete set with a telescope, support unit, tripod and with all its accessories for you to do observation.

Bresser 70-900 El Universe
Bresser 70-900 El All Ages

Suitable for All Ages

Whether you are at beginner's level or a professional, Bresser Refractor telescope will meet all your demands regarding astronomy observation. Planets, many celestial bodies outside of our solar system, light year away star clusters will be in your filed of vision with its 70mm diaphragm clearance.

Bresser 70-900 El Support Unit

Support Unit

This professional with focus distance of 900mm does not only move to left, right and up, bottom with its support unit, it can also be used in equatorial mode like scientists do in observatories. Additional finder which is attached to the telescope is beneficial in finding celestial bodies. Many exciting things around can also be seen all day with directing object lenses. The telescope can be adjusted to an optimal height for adult and young observers with the height adjustable tripod. Diagonal mirror that comes with it ensures feasible tracking.

Bresser 70-900 El Telescope
Optic design Fraunhofer refractor telescope (achromatic refractor with two object lenses)
Object lens diameter 70 mm
Focus distance / clearance 900 mm / F10
Theoretical resolution at arch seconds 1,6
Suggested maximum magnification 140x
Stand height Can be adjusted continuously between 58 and 101cm
Optic tube dimensions 950 mm length, 110 mm diameter (including humidity protection)
Eye lense barrel diameter 31,7 mm (1,25“)
Finder 6 x 25
Optic tube weight 1,4 kg
Support material Aluminum
Support height approximately 20 cm
Battery Not needed
Control Manual
Color Blue/black
Total weight 3,7 kg
Optic design Achromatic Refractor
Suggested Maximum Magnification 140
Objective diameter 70 mm
Focus distance 900 mm
Clearance rate 10
Angular resolution 2 arc seconds
Finder 5 x 24 mm
Support type Equatorial


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