Bresser Condor 10x56 Binoculars

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Bresser Condor 10x56 Binoculars


Bresser Condor 10x56
Bresser Condor binoculars

Evening Observation Pleasure!

Bresser Condor 10x56 is a roof prism binoculars that has 10 times magnifying power and 56 mm objective diameter. Special combination that brings this magnifying power and objective diameter ensures optimum light transmission and allows you to make observation even under dusk conditions. Field of vision at 1000 meters is 100 meter (width). Condor 10x56 Bresser will be an ideal travel companion during your mountain explorations, safari tours and bird watching activities.

Bresser binoculars
Condor 10x56

It is Waterproof and Mist Proof

Bresser Condor 10x56 is resistant to water and fog since it is full of nitrogen. In addition, it's also suitable for people wearing glasses thanks to its diopter setting. Its whole optic system is completely multi-coating. Prisms are manufactured from high quality BAK-4 glass.

binoculars 10x56

Tripod Assembly Apparatus

Bresser Condor 10x56 is equipped with tripod connection. Therefore, it's easy to assemble on any tripod with the help of a tripod adapter (please see accessories). Focusing with the big focusing wheel at the focusing center of Condor is a child's play.

Bresser binoculars design
Bresser binoculars light

95% light conductivity Bresser Condor 10x56, with its high proportion of light collection power, offers you the most sound light especially when doing observation during evening hours.

Bresser binoculars technical
Focus closer than 7 (m) 5
Diopter setting 1
Bag / Case Carrying bag with nylon storage section.
Total length 162 mm
Objective diameter 56 mm
Guarantee 2 yıl
Zoom function
Coating Color Green
Optic design Roof
Language selections DE (German), EN (English), ES (Spanish), FR(French)
Type Standard Binoculars
Dusk factor 23.66
Tripod adapter connection
Total net weight (Including accessories) 1197 g
Eye lenses for people wearing glasses
Total height 66 mm
Color Green
Single eye setting
Body Shield Rubber
Type of coating Fully coated
Light density 31,36
Focusing of focus interval 1.75
Magnification (fix): 10 times
LE Ocular
Total width 155 mm
Application fields Hunting, Bird watching & Nature observation, Travle & Sports
ED glass
Field of vision at 1000 meters 100 m
Body material Plastic
Inert gas discharge
Product Family Condor
Material prism BaK-4
Field of vision 5.7 degrees


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