Bresser 4x32 Rifle Binoculars

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Bresser 4x32 Rifle Binoculars


bresser 4x32 rifle binoculars
bresser 4x32 binoculars

Hunting or Shooting, Choice is Yours!

People hunting with pump rifle or doing shooting for sports, good news! Bresser TrueView rifle binoculars is produced for you. Especially if you like to hunt with slug, this rifle binoculars will meet all your needs.

bresser 4x32 Hunting shooting
bresser 4x32 illuminated

Illuminated Special Binoculars Web

To accurately identify the location of game or the target is very important in hunting and shooting. Thanks to Bresser 4x32 rifle binoculars' fully illuminated special binoculars web, you'll shoot the target on the spot.

Fix 4x Zoom Feature

4x fix magnification feature enables you to zoom easily and without tremor.

bresser 4x32 4x zoom
bresser 4x32 feature
bresser 4x32 technical


Magnification 4x
Lens diameter 32mm
Field of vision 8,78 m / 100m
Field of vision Illuminated special hunting rifle binoculars web
Binoculars eye distance 84,5 mm
Waterproof Yes
Tube diameter 1 inch (25,4 mm)
Batteries (included) 1x CR2032
Length 298mm
Weight 382g


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