Bresser 10x28 Roof Binoculars

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Bresser 10x28 Roof Binoculars


Durable Product with High Labor

Bresser 10x28 roof binoculars is produced from BAK-4 (barium crown) glass. Therefore, it shows brighter and sharper images. In addition, thanks to its extensive multiple coating (FBMC), it's very sturdy and offers superior quality. You'll obtain the best vision with minimum reflection and high transmission power with high quality material of BAK-4 glasses.


Body Filled with Nitrogen

Thanks to Everest’s nitrogen filled body, it will still be waterproof and dirt proof, it will not mist up even over 1 meter deep water.


Strong Hold, Design That Fits Into Palm

Everest, with its rubber coated body design that fits into a palm is guaranteed for a sturdy and strong hold. Rubber eye lenses on the visor that protects the eyes and enables more comfortable vision are revolving and this provides big convenience to people wearing glasses.


Superior Focus Performance

BAK-4 lenses creates especially sharp, real and high contrast images throughout the whole field of vision. Thanks to its close up focusing system, you can even do detailed observations.


Ideal for All Kinds of Observations!

Everest, with its compact and foldable construction, is ideal for theater, water sports, nature walks, all kinds of indoor outdoor observations.


Field of Application

• Travel & Sports
• Bird watching
• Nature observation
• Water sports and sailing
• Hunting



Optical design  : Roof
Magnification  : max. 10
L Ocular
Lens diameter  : 28 mm
Material  : prismn BAK-4
Coating Type  : Fully multi-coated
Eyepieces for spectacle wearers
Diopter adjustment
The 1000m7 field of vision  : 91 m
Light intensity  : 7.84



The inert gas purged
Colour  : Black
Body material  : Aluminium
Body Coating  : Rubber
Product Line  : Everest
Total length  : 120 mm
The total width of  : 120 mm
Overall height  : 40 mm
Net weight  : 405 g


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